Acupuncture and Cosmetic Surgery

Pre and Post Op

There are many benefits of receiving Acupuncture before and after any cosmetic surgery procedure. At SRQ Acupuncture we are dedicated to preparing our patients both emotionally and physically ready for your procedures. We will help your body stay in balance to assist you in the recovery process by decreasing the inflammation in your body, resorting your bodies natural balance and speeding up your recovery time. Dr. Hynes is dedicated keeping the lines of communication open complementing your surgery with acupuncture, ensuring you receive the best results possible.
The finishing touches for reducing scar tissue and rapid healing of incisions are provided by my unique combination of acupuncture and point injection therapies. This knowledge comes after much experience. Plastic Surgery Recovery My clients are pleased with and tell me they have healed quicker, and they were back to pre-surgery form in no time. The reason many choose acupuncture and AIT (acupuncture injection therapies) immediately after surgery is to heal their surgery scars quicker. The longer your incisions take to heal, the more scar tissue is created at the incision sites. The quicker you heal your incision sites, the LESS scar tissue is formed and the LESS visible and LESS likely you are to have uneven scar tissue on one side of the face.

Benefits of Acupuncture and Cosmetic Surgery

Post-Op Benefits

• Decreased Anxiety or Depression
• Increase or Boost of Your Immune System
• Restore Balance within your body

Post-Op Benefits

• Faster Recovery time
• Aesthetic Results More Pleasing Facial Symmetry (Scars heal even on both sides)
• Eliminate Future Surgeries to Repair Uneven Results
• Less Scar Tissue Created
•Less Scar Tissue Decreases Scar Visibility
• Less Scar Tissue is Less Interference with Facial Expressions
•Less Inflammation
• Less Numbness
• Less Tingling
• Less Pain