“Dr. Angie is the reason why we now have our sweet baby Lucy in our arms!” – L.B.

“It is amazing how good I feel! It has only been six months and I feel like a completely different person. Six months ago I was suffering from environmental allergies, especially to mold. Living in Florida, I just could not ever get away from it. I was losing hope as I seemed to always be getting worse and was no longer able to effectively do my job. I had a very difficult time staying in the buildings I lived and worked in and would often sleep outside in my car to try to stay clear of the molds. I heard about Dr. Angie from a friend and began my NAET treatments. I was a little skeptical, and worried about the time/cost but felt I had no other options but to give it a try. I am so glad I did! What I experienced throughout this time was a very steady increase in my physical and emotional health. Every time I did a treatment I would take another step forward. I look forward every day to getting better and better. I now experience almost no allergy symptoms and feel better than I have in years! Dr. Angie is a connected, wonderful and knowledgable person to work with and she has also been a big encouragement! I did all the lab testing she recommended. Between this and the changed my diet, lost over 40 pounds, still dropping inches and found a new love for healthy living.” I will forever be grateful for finding Dr. Angie and NAET! – E.S.


“I Got some cupping, acupuncture, massage, and an ultrasound to repair my tight/strained shoulder muscles. Felt 100% next day. Now I go routinely instead of when I’m in serious pain”. -J.V.


“Dr. Hynes is amazing! She is very knowledgeable and truly cares for people. My 7 yo was sick every week for 3 months straight, and the persistent horrible cough finally took us to the emergency room to rule out pneumonia. Finally, I booked an appointment with Dr. Hynes and am so grateful I did. I wish I would have done it sooner! She was able to get my daughter well again. Turns out she was allergic to almost everything in her diet and her body was just too run down to fully recover. Along with a diet change, holistic meds, and acupressure therapies, my girl is healthier than she has ever been. We used to have to visit the pediatrician every few months or so and now it’s almost been a year. We love Dr. Hynes!” – A.W.


“Dr. Hynes is the best of the best! I was diagnosed with Intracranial Hypertension in August. I had life altering headaches, vision loss, weight gain, tinnitus, tingling in my arms and legs, brain fog, processing issues, balance issues and even blackouts. I had to take a leave of absence from my job and figure out how to get better. My sister did a ton of research and we ended up at Duke University and Weill Cornell in NYC . They were helpful but still didn’t completely put me into remission. My next step was a shunt in the brain. I am 36 years old with a 3 year old and that scared me to death. A friend of mine recommended Dr. Hynes and I saw her immediately. She was so knowledgeable about my issues and the Cerebral Spinal Fluid around my brain. We immediately came up with a treatment plan of acupuncture, diet, massage, etc….She gave me coping skills to help manage the pain and insomnia. I have only been with Dr. Hynes for about a month now, but I can not tell you how wonderful I am feeling. She has literally saved my life. I am now back to work part time and getting back my life. That is something that I could never put a price tag on. She is seriously a miracle worker. I owe her so much!!” – L.G.

“We first went to see Dr. Hynes  by a recommendation of a friend. Like our son, her little girl had terrible eczema.  We had been to 4 different dermatologists in town, all recommending steroid creams and ointments. Every time leaving with a stronger perscription for these creams and no real answers.  Each time we used the steroids we only short term relief before needing to go back. Sometimes feeling like as soon as we stopped the steroid creams it would come back worse.  At our first visit with Dr. Hynes, I felt so comfortable knowing how attentive and determined she was to make a positive difference with our lo skin. She was so knowledgeable and patient with me and all my questions.  After helping us identify what the real causes of his red itchy and extremely painful skin were, we were able to tackle it with success! Now his skin is softer than ever and the best part is he is COMFORTABLE and HAPPY again! You can’t imagine how heartbreaking it is to see your little love in so much pain and discomfort. And Thanks to Dr. Hynes we don’t have to anymore.  We do on occasion have small flair ups here and there, but Dr. Hynes is our first call when that happens!   Dr. Hynes has helped us in so many ways. I only wish we would have gone to see her sooner!”    – K.S.