Where you buy your Vitamins and Supplements DOES MATTER.

Vitamins, where you buy them DOES MATTER!

Taking Vitamins is now pretty much a necessity in order to achieve optimal health. Our soil, is so depleted now that even with the best of diets we need supplementation from somewhere to get all our bodies need. That being said, not all supplements and vitamins are created equal. What do I mean by that? Well, there are many companies that are there for the bottom line. Making money is their priority, and nothing else. Listed (by Mr. Collins) are a few things to avoid when looking to buy vitamins and supplements.

Avoiding the Scams
Here are a few tips for avoiding the junk of supplements and vitamins:

1.“Don’t go to Walmart (or whatever big box store) and buy whichever bottle is 50% off. Do that and you’re rolling the dice, and you’ll probably end up causing more harm than good.”
2. “Use common sense. If it sounds too good to be true (Lose 100 pounds eating anything you want! for example.), then it probably is.”
3. “If it’s really cheap, it’s probably garbage.”
4. “Never buy from multi-level marketing companies. If a product is good, why would you need everyone in your family and neighborhood to sell it in order to buy it? It makes no sense. In my many years of experience, I have yet to find a good MLM company product.”
5. “NEVER buy supplements off of Ebay. You really do not know what you’re getting.”
6. “Don’t buy on Amazon, unless you’re buying directly from the source. When you go to a product page on Amazon, there’s a little box that tells you the seller. Don’t just look at that box, actually click on it. That will take you to the seller’s page. If the link you follow goes to a different company than what’s ‘listed’ as the seller, don’t buy the supplement. It’s a scam.”
7. “Stay away from supplements that are owned by big pharmaceutical or personal care companies. Sometimes a small company puts out a great product, then they’re bought by big business and the formulas all change.”

Go to an expert for advice or to order your supplements. We offer complementary consultations almost every Thursday,  and we will formulate a specific plan for you.  We will set you up with a complementary access portal and send you recommendations. All you need to do is order from www.mywellevate.me . We are well-trusted and have a solid background in nutrition, health and wellness.

It is also important to note, there are interactions good and bad. Some vitamins are better absorbed with others. There are also some that block the absorption of others.  Some pharmaceuticals leach certain minerals when you are taking them and so on. It is important to speak with a qualified professional like Dr. Hynes to ensure you are taking them correctly.
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credits: Ginger Vieira, Adobe Stock Photo